Couch to 5K

Running again - Week 1 Run 2

I had forgotten just how tight my calves get when I run. After my first run after a long gap on Friday I was very conscious of my calves over the weekend. A busy weekend meant that I didn't do my second run until this morning. I am confining myself to running round the local rec (as I did last time), only this time I'm making sure that all the running part of the runs is on the grass as I don't want to aggravate my back and joints by running on the hard tarmac round the edge, even though it is marked in 50m intervals. But at this stage it doesn't actually matter how far I'm running as I'm only running for a total of 8 minutes.

A running (but probably not at the moment as she's expecting a baby any day now!) friend popped by yesterday with a pile of old Runners World magazines. I may dip into those presently, but for now I'm sticking with Laura. She got me through last time and I have no reason to doubt that she can't get me through it again this time.

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How has this 1st week gone? Good luck with W2.


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