Two month break: From week 7 to week 4 :(

So I haven't run since the first week of July and today I decided, after reading a few other posts, to try week 4. Wowee was it tough! When I went on the school run it was chilly so I ran in a sweatshirt, it very quickly became apparent that was a mistake, it's really warmed up, sweaty isn't the word! My legs felt wobbly through the second half of the podcast and my chest ached throughout, but I was determined to finish. I feel so disheartened to have lost so much progress and fitness, but I know this program is brilliant and I'll get back there. I was also delighted that my achilles tendons held out, without even a twinge. One of the reasons for my break was pain there, along with a holiday and school holidays.

I feel exhausted, sweaty and weak, but that bizarre euphoria is starting to creep in, making it all worth it!

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  • Excellent, good for you getting back on the horse, so to speak. You'll soon be back on track.

    I like your username by the way!

  • Thanks, for the reply and compliment about the name (which is completely true). I'm back out again on Monday, so going to keep going with week 4.

  • Hallo, I think I know how you feel. I had to stop my c25k by the end of week three, because of ilio sacral pain which is quite diffuse right now. - I loved to take up running again right from the start, if only the pain wouldn't be. I finished by the end of May and have been so happy to start. All the best to you and lots of joy! :-)

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