Breathing! Help!

I've just started week 4 and really struggled with the breathing. I've been fine so far and tried to slow my breathing down and regulate it to my steps but half way through the last 5 minutes I just had to stop, my heart felt like it was going to pop out of my chest. I'm quite active normally, go to the gym and I love zumba so I don't think it's my fitness levels. Feeling a bit deflated :-( x


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  • My 2 penneth, just breath and forget about good advice.

  • Hi Orangemadmeg, it sounds like you are going too fast. Up until week 8 I was running each run flat out and also feeling like I was going to have a heart attack by the end (literally) . I slowed down a bit and since then everything has been fine.

    Like you I also go to gym regularly and considered myself quite fit before starting c25k, but I had trouble breathing all the same. I can't really explain why.

  • Thanks Be11adonna. I actually tried again this morning and did slow it down just slightly and you're right, it did make all the difference. Still totally knackered but not feeling like something was about to pop! Feeling very chuffed now and looking forward to the next one x

  • I had the same thing. Cross training fitness levels were ok running felt like I was going to burst. I have slowed right down and I realise I am enjoying it more. I have all the time in the world to work on speed but I am telling myself this is my time to learn to run. It seems to be working for me.

  • Best advice I ever read regarding breathing was to concentrate on the out breath - the in breath will take care of itself :-)

  • I find the more I focus on my breathing the more awkward it becomes :-(

  • Hi - just joined - actually i run 40 miles weekly - but thought I might help. Firstly running - like other exercise - is specific. No matter what other exercise you do you will have to practice running. secondly every runner has trouble breathing when starting a run. make sure you warm up for 15 minutes first DEAD slow run/walk/run etc. You will find that your breathing then slows. BUT it can take 30 minutes of slow and i do mean SLOW running before you feel comfortable - and there is nothing wrong with mixing running and walking - say five mins run then one walk then five run etc. - (pace about 12 minute mileing ) please don't feel deflated - i had a bad heart attack 10 years ago - am 61 and take heart meds including beta blockers that slow my heart - keep at it - be GENTLE and you will find it gets better - all the best Phill

  • Thank you everyone for your advice, it really does help having your support! The good news is that I have just finished week four by slowing it down and taking it steady. I'm so chuffed, never thought I'd get this far and I'm actually really enjoying it. I'm a bit nervous but roll on week 5 x

  • Just remember to take it very easy and be gentle - every runner has good and bad days - but eventually the good far outweigh the bad - enjoy it - all the best

  • I just focus on deep breathing! If I forget I start panting and then get tired very quickly...

    HBS x

  • see: I DISCOVERED A HEART CONDITION - not to worry you.

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