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Resting, resting!

I'm still mystified to how I did it, but I've strained my calf muscle in my left leg. I'm starting to think it was my very enthusiastic sprint at the end of my last run on Wednesday :( but whatever it was I daren't lace up my trainers till it's completely pain free. It only hurts now when I squeeze the muscle, so couple of days I reckon. Yoga today then...

Oh found out my left leg overextends, never knew this till my Yoga teacher pointed it out! Funny it's always this leg that I've had the problems with...maybe there's a connection there??

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Taking it easy for a few days sounds like a good idea. I am on the same train of thought at the moment, as my ankle niggle is annoying me. Not sure how long I will last not running, might have to cycle a bit this week. :-)

Like you say, funny how someone points out some subtle thing that is wrong with you, but you weren't even remotely aware of. I've experienced the same sort of thing, and once I knew, and worked on correcting it things improved.

Take it easy :-)


It's frustrating not being able to run, but I think the track/path isn't going anywhere. Now my arms are aching Ashtanga yoga is b****y hard!!! My leg feels looser though :)

Knee hyperextension for the correct term I did a bit of did you correct your 'ailment?'



I had an 'abnormal Q angle' which in English means knock-knee'd. This was mostly caused by my pelvis being out of alignment (I put this to driving for hours on end,and sitting on my wallet, which pushed my hip out on one side.) My physio identified the problem, then I just had to teach myself to pull myself straight. None of that helps you I'm afraid.

Try talking to a physio, some of them are very helpful on the phone.


Hi there, hope you will be as fit as a flea after a few days rest x


Thanks, me too, then I'll really enjoy that first run back. Wont run too long or far, will take it easy :)


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