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Leg hurting a bit - how do I know if I'm doing some damage?

Just started working tentatively towards 10k And have done longer runs up to 7k on the last three Saturdays. It's been going well, but one leg (back of the thigh) is really achy afterwards and both legs feel really achy. Doesn't feel like I'm doing any damage and have put it down to the longer runs that im not used to but wasn't sure whether I should be careful.

Haven't had any running injuries doing c25k so didn't know whether carrying on running when its been hurting is being brave or stupid.

Any advice appreciated!

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If it goes away before the next run it's ok :-)

Don't increase your runs to aggressively, maybe 1km at a time (they say 10% I think).

Some would suggest ice afterwards, but new advice if it's not a real injury is just let your body heal (something to do with ice reducing blood flow which might reduce recovery rate)


Sounds like hamstring to me, so several good stretches post run should help realign them.


Thanks, that's helpful. :)


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