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5 month anniversary, and ParkRuns

I realised today that I first started trying to run 5 months ago. Thinking back after today's fun run I remember how 'hard' it was to run for 1 minute, and how blissful it was to walk for 90 seconds. I didn't feel like a runner, just a real 'hammy'. I always knew I could finish the C25K, which I did in July, but I had no idea how it would all pan out. I mean,does anybody else lie in bed the night before 'run day' excited about the run ahead, and feel miserable on rest days (definitely cannot run on every day!!)?

Today was promising to be sunny, so a ParkRun was on. Not like last week, pouring with rain, I was not up for that! The morning came, bright and sunny so I headed off to MK for the run, new shoes on feet (not comfy for driving!!). I decided today I was just going to run, and so I did, no music, just RunKeeper to keep me company, and 450 other runners. I did line myself up sensibly on the start line, just in front of my PB time. (Definitely the best plan, starting too far back is frustrating when others are slower than you. They slow you down, you annoy them ducking round them). The run was good, I tried to relax into it, not try too hard, but just run at a comfy pace. I settled in with another guy who was running comfortably for me, then at the 15 minute point I realised I was just shy of 3K. This was going to be quick, and I so didn't mean it to be. The 4K marker came up, but I have no idea what the time was, but I stuck with my pace. At 250m or so from the finish I upped the pace, left my running mate, and passed the runner in front. I had gained two places. Then I heard fast feet behind me, and 15m to go. So what did I do, stay calm, and carry on? Nope I broke into a full on dash for the line, only to be smoothly and quickly passed by two other people. Why on earth did I do that? What a jerk. Run done though, and as usual felt good.

A quick glance at RunKeeper revealed what I did not expect, a severely broken PB. I wasn't prepared to believe it until I had the official time, which arrived in due course. My previous best ParkRun time had been beaten by a whole minute! The bad news, despite feeling great after the run, my legs were tired this afternoon, and my ankles are tired and achey this eve. Next week, I am planning 3 slow runs. I mean slow. Oh, and some ankle strengthening exercises.

In my view if you want to improve your PB, do a ParkRun. All my PB's come from ParkRun's. It's just great to run with other people, and get driven along by the crowd. I thoroughly recommend it. Oh, and the MK course is really nice.

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Happy anniversary, Nerdio! And congratulations on your ne PB! Your post made me realise that it is also my 5 month anniversary on Tuesday, September 3.

What a difference 5 months make...


I too have heard those feet behind me in the last 100yds of park run, I have the same reaction as you! No way am I going to let someone get past that late if I can help it! Well done for smashing your PB, it gives you a warm fuzzy feeling!


Nice post, Nerdio. My first Parkrun was yesterday and my time, yet to be confirmed, was way faster than I expected, due to the "towing " effect of other runners. Isn't it amazing how, in such a short time, we can go from being strugglers to runners. Congrats on the PB.


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