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Holiday runs!

Had really got out of routine over the summer holidays and wasn't able to keep up with my usual schedule, but had some really nice "bonus" runs in various places when I managed to get out for a run while on holiday. They weren't great feats of athletic achievement (whereas my normal runs are, of course!!) but it was great to be able to go out somewhere new and discover the place as a runner which was a totally new experience for me.

They included: Paris! felt really fab to run through the streets in the early morning. Found a great route along the St Martin Canal that seemed to be used by lots of joggers. The path was a bit cobbley so the other runners were running right on the edge which was smoother. (my favorite running track "edge of something" took on a whole new meaning here!) Beacause it was hot I struggled with distance, but saw a bridge ahead of me and planned to turn around there. Just so happened that there was a fire station there and about 15 burley French firemen standing around on the edge of the canal waiting to go out. Kind of wished I had turned around sooner, and kind of glad I hadn't! :)

Second holiday run was alongside Cardiff Castle through Bute Park. Georgeous park and lovely route alongside the river Taff.

Third run was over fields outside the camp site we were staying in near Weymouth. Felt really exciting to be running on a route that I didn't know where it went and was remote and really beautiful. Nearly lost one of my trainers completely when I stepped into a boggy patch and only my sock came out (ironically I was running to Katie Melua song "two bare feet" at the time!) but also came across a breathtaking vista of really bright purple heather, loads of rabbits and a deer that ran out in front of me.

Never thought I would be running for fun, but it's a great way to get around and see things that you wouldn't otherwise get to see. It was nice to run without counting distance or speed and just enjoying the fact that I can now run! thanks C25K!

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Wow! Lovely post. Your descriptions of where you have run is one of the many reasons why I wanted to get into running. To see and appreciate the wonderful world we live in first hand. Seeing it by car or on an arranged tour just doesn't do it justice.

I'm sure you must've enjoyed your holiday even more having done these runs. Keeping fit and discovering places that not many other tourists would've done.

There is something really special running in the early mornings or mid evenings when all is quiet and it's just you and the great outdoors with the occasional interloper. It's a special time.

I've had a rubbish week with a cold and what not so I've done NO running. I'm so close to graduation so have been in a real funk about it all. Your post has cheered me up no end. Thank you.


How lovely - it is great to keep up some sort of routine while away. I too enjoy running in different places. But quite like coming back to familarity of home - with new goals in mind.


They sound like lovely places to run. I'm off to Norfolk tomorrow for a week and am very much looking forward to a change of scene, the seafront and, especially, the FLAT terrain.


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