Couch to 5K

Entering Week 3 on Sunday August 11 :-)

Hi folks, by way of introduction, I'm Ganesh, an overweight 44 yo guy (weigh 20 kgs over ideal weight) and have been very inconsistent with any exercise all through my adult life. Not having ever played any sport in school or college didn't help and all the excess kilos I accumulated over the years just stayed put.

It's been two weeks of C25k and both weeks were a breeze. I got myself a pair of good trainers with adequate cushioning, bought some shorts and tees and started running on the treadmill in the gym in my apartment. It's been a fabulous two weeks ; I already feel fitter, my tiredness seems more natural than it ever was and more toward the end of the day (earlier I used to feel generally tired all the time) and I also put myself on a slightly more sensible, restricted diet than before.

I'm looking forward to the two day break now, before starting off on Run 1 of week 3. Any advice guys from those who're sailing in the same boat ?

Wish each one of you immense will power in completing the program and succeeding in your fitness goals.


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Hi Ganesh!

I'm 44 too, and also carrying around a nice spare tyre! Well done for finding the first two weeks a doddle! You have one over me there, I found it challenging!

Good luck for your journey, I am thinking much bigger now, marathon???! But not til next week :0)


Thanks Cloudchaser, for that encouraging note. It's inspiring that you're already thinking of a marathon. I've got my sights set on completing the 5k without a hitch :-) I've teamed it up with a new pair of trainers I bought online for a good deal. I've also spoken to several colleagues at work about my new found activity / passion and I have a feeling it will ensure there's some peer pressure as well to check my laziness, if any, along the way. Good luck to you too and lets compare notes, considering we're on the same journey, the same age and carrying similar extra baggage :-)


Can you get some of your colleagues involved? I'm lucky that several of mine are big runners, marathons triathlons etc. so they are encouraging. I did feel a bit stupid at first when I'm pleased about not passing out when running my first 5mins.

After work today is my 3rd run of week 8, Friday is my treat day, I don't take the dog and head off for an explore on my own! Bliss!


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