Wooohooooo TRX - wicked or what!!!!

Had my first TRX class at lunch time today, well it was wicked. Only 30 minutes long (its enough for starters I can tell you) Non stop short & brutal exercise. OMG its such a good workout, two guys in the class and I were chatting after and I said I found the plank exercises hard due to shoulder problems, but managed to go up onto to my hands instead of lower arms. They said they too found them hard, but promised it would get easier within a few weeks!!! If you want to improve upper body strength and you can get onto a TRX class its well worth a try.

Body Balance 2 x 30 minutes sessions followed and tonight I have my Jog Scotland training session if I can stoke up the boiler!!!

Have just entered all that into my BootsDiets.com diary and calories burned is a whopping 992, not bad for a bit of spent energy ;)


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9 Replies

  • What is TRX? Something cross?

    You make me feel quite lazy for only running a 5k today. He he!

  • Hi Greeners, is that you been running again, well done you. TRX site will explain it far better than I could ever, its hard to describe and a heck of a lot harder to do ;) trxtraining.com/shop/workou...

  • Well you told me I had to not leave it too long before I ran again, so I didn't. :)

    Me and the inner gazelle - greenlegs7.wordpress.com/20...

    I've just been looking at TRX (still can't find out what it stands for - I suspect it doesn't stand for anything, it's just random important-sounding letters to pique the interest - which worked!) It looks even tougher than that Swiss ball - good for you!

  • Sorry Greeners it stands for Total body Resistance eXercise or I think it should be called Torture Repeated Exercises. ;) Its one of those workouts though that's short, brutal as I said before but pays big dividends just like HIIT does.

  • Aha! Think I'll stick to yoga, running and cycling for now. Good for you though - you do like a challenge! :)

  • I'm exhausted reading your post old girl!

  • Oh boy the running session was not to my liking tonight one little bit. It was all on grass, 5 x 3 minutes of fast running with 2 minute intervals of brisk walking to recover. The same format as Tuesday nights but tonight was round and round and round using just half of a playing field area, I never have liked laps and tonight just confirmed to me that yes they are boring. I'm really looking forward to getting out and doing my own thing on Saturday or Sunday. I did managed to run and speak though tonight so there was a plus after all.

  • Hi Oldgirl, I'm sta/rting w3r1 today and it's been hard but manageable and I'm really enjoying it. I joined a jogscotland group a few years ago with no jogging experience/prep - Absolute torture - expected you to jog for at least 5 mins - there were no beginners there starting from scratch so never went back! Like the concept of the group but I felt didn't really cater for true beginners as advertised - perhaps that was just my experience?

  • I have to agree with you fabbyfifty even the runs we have done last week would have been too much for a beginner, it would put them off. This is the second sessions though, I didn't go to the first sessions as it was designed for complete beginners. I'm going to carry on running with the group once a week as its quite nice to run with others. It is however a long way across the city in rush hour traffic to get there so will limit it to the one night instead of two. It has got me out at different times of the day though, so that's a good point in its favor.

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