Couch to 5K

W8 Run 1

Hi all I've just recently discovered this community, wish I had found it sooner. Anyway can't believe I'm on week 8. Completed the first run this morning in pouring rain. This was my first run in the rain which is quite surprising as I live in Scotland! It was quite refreshing actually.

I started cto5k just to get fit really and have surprised myself how much I'm enjoying it. I've never really done any serious exercise before but this is really enjoyable.

Despite the fact I've not yet completed the plan I've signed up the do the River Ness 10k at the end of September. There is a 5k which my partner and 6 year old are doing but he persuaded me to push myself and enter the 10k so I did! Have got a bridge to 10k plan already loaded onto my ipod ready for when I finish c to 5k. I'm not botherd how fast I am just want to finish in one piece!

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I am really impressed that you have come all this way through the programme without the support and encouragement of this community! WELL DONE YOU!

I found the inspiration in these blogs SO helpful!

Good luck for your 10K!


This is a great support for me with loadsa laughs and encouragement on the way too. Have fun!


It's a bit addictive this running lark! Like you, I was not into serious exercise, not into exercise at all, but I am now thinking about it all the time!


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