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Oops, I broke my husband!

(Well, sort of!) we went out in the rain. Have decided for now that its ok to do one half hour run a week (rather than 5k). Went a bit carefully because although the rain was slackening off, the track was covered in massive puddles! There were a few others out too. Mostly hubbie and I go single file, but near the end, after a big puddle hubbie started to come up closer towards my side. As he did so I was also aware of a couple faster runners coming up behind too. I am not able to have a conversation when running , no matter what Laura has said, so I stuck my arm out to halt hubbie and tied to sort of "scoop" him behind me. They got past but when we stopped running and started walking I noticed a big scratch on his hand. It was me! Oh dear! Sorry! :-0

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Oh dear poor hubby... But on the plus side, sounds like you have him well under control....!!!


You didn't break him you just let him see what was in store if he ever tried to pass you again ;) I like running through puddles and jumping them, to tell the truth once my running shoes are really wet I jump in them not over.

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Ouch! I hope he's forgiven you :) All done with the best intentions, though!


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