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W9R1 and the sun came out....arrrghhhhh

I really am struggling. What is going on?! My breathing was shocking from the start, I am struggling to get my breath. I went out this afternoon when it was cloudy but within 5 minutes the sun came out and it was too warm again. I started flaking 10 minutes in and managed to get to 25 minutes before having to stop, throw my water over me, take 10 second break to finish the last minutes. I cannot seem to get any faster either. I managed 3.72K in 31 minutes. I am trying to stay positive and was looking forward to my run and hoping it would be a little easier but alas not. What is going on with my breathing?! I have always struggled a bit but it seems to be getting worse. Everyone can hear me coming! And boy do my thighs hurt!

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Sometimes my breathing just isn't right, other times it is great. I try to regulate my breathing in the five min walk before. Don't always get it right though. Some runs are good and some not so good, at least you are still getting out there and running. I find the heat really difficult to run in, much prefer the rain! Good luck with the rest of week 9.


Don't despair I have never been able to get my breathing right. But even though I am out of breathe I recover much quicker .I am still like a beetroot after each run and I think the heat and humidity has taken its toll on a lot of us. I still plod along but we should trust what everyone else says and believe that speed will come as our stamina improves.

I long to be one of those runners who glide along effortlessly and don't break out in a single bead of sweat . One day !! :- 0


Hi Eve don't fret it happens to many of us, the hotter summer has taken its toll for loads of us. There are a couple of things you might want to try though. A new route always takes your mind of the time done and more importantly the time left to do. You could also try some of your own favorite music, that works wonders for lots of us who have hit the wall (so to speak) Don't worry about how far you have run, you can work on your speed once you have graduated. Try and relax in the early minutes of your run, don't go too fast, you can always give that little bit extra at the end if you have some to spare, I know I didn't in the early days though. I'm sure you'll probably find your next run will be much better, good luck. Hope this helps a little bit.


Thanks for the replies. I love the sun but was hoping it would be cooler today! I think I am expecting too much as in reality a few month back I could run a few feet! I need to stop being negative and think of the positives, I am now running more than I have ever done in my life, even if I run 3 times a week for 20 minutes that is better than the couch potato I used to be. I am taking in everyones advice they are giving to me so thank you for the advice. Oh and you should see the colour of my face and the state of me when I return home! I had a cold shower today I was so hot.


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