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OMG, I just ran for 21 minutes....without stopping!!!!!!!!!!

For those of you who have passed this point, it may not be a big deal, but given the huge frustrations I had at my mental blocks a few months ago, where I just could not get to 3 minutes, this is just so unbelievable for me. It happened a couple of hours ago, and I still have the big smile on my face, and keep saying to myself - I JUST RAN FOR 20 MINUTES!. In fact, I felt OK, so actually did 21 minutes, then, after a couple of minutes, I did another 10 stopping! Just can't believe this feeling at the moment, and can now really see that I CAN complete this, so anyway who is struggling with the shorter times, and is full of self-doubt, frustrations and recriminations..............YES, YOU CAN DO IT, it may not come as easily as some seem to find it, you may (like me) repeat weeks, and let it slide for a few weeks, but IT WILL HAPPEN...........:) :) :)

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It is a big deal and you are quite right to feel very proud, we all have been the same as we have reached and conquered new goals. Its funny how this running takes a hold of a person and totally changes them, not only giving them a new found fitness, but it gives a person more confidence, its a stress buster without doubt. The list goes on but its damn good for us that's for sure. All the best you will soon have your wonderful graduate badge, good luck and keep smiling. :)


I'm am someone who is passed this point. BUT the great feeling of being able to run for twenty minutes without stopping will never leave me and I am still so happy every time I run. Very well done for your achievement!


Well done. I am around the stage you are and it feels great, I struggled doing 60 seconds at the start.


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