Bad runs. Why? Whyyyyy?

I've just got back from Week 9 Run 2- I only ran for 23:33. Disaster! I know I set off too fast, but I'm terrible at pace, my balance is dreadful so running is like riding a bike- if I don't maintain a certain speed, I'll fall over (probably). I wanted to quit after 5 minutes, and then after 10, but after 15 I felt OK...but then shortly after 20 minutes I got to the bit of my improvised route where, whichever way I went, I'd be running uphill, and I totally lost my bottle. My legs did a 'bugger this' thing, and I nearly fell over, and had to slow down to a walk. And I'd been *so* close to that magic '5 minutes' line. I can *always* finish when I only have 5 minutes to go, but it just didn't come soon enough.

I know I was going too fast- I was covering 1K in 5:50 at my fastest, usually it's more like 6:05 to 6:30, but I am terrible at guessing my speed, I really can't tell.

Still, it means I get to stick with C25K a little longer, and only a month ago a 23 minute run would have been a triumph, rather than a disappointment. I promise I'll do a whole 30 minutes on Wednesday, at a sedate and sensible pace. And even the bad runs are good for you, right?

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  • Don't be so hard on yourself! Disappointing for you, I know, but you ran - better than the couch! When you do your 5 minute warm up walk next time try giving your head a serious talking to - deep down you KNOW you can do it don't you?

    Better luck next time - you'll probably surprise yourself!

  • all runs are good, the bad ones are there to teach us where we went wrong, enlightened you are, now onwards to graduation! seriously all the best, you have worked so hard and the end is in sight:-)

  • My week 9 run 2 outing was awful! Maybe it's a mental thing - being so close to graduating that your body tries to pull the rug from under you?

    I don't think you should dwell on it - just go for your 3rd run and if you pull a 30 minutes out of the bag, you've graduated. You will probably carry on with 30 min runs for a little while afterwards, so one duff run counts for nothing - you still got out there and put the effort in. Bravo!

    I have tried running on several occasions before this programme and have had quite a lot of runs back then ,when ,as soon as I thought about stopping, my legs immediate my obeyed. What I now do if I ever get that feeling is to slow right down but, crucially, keep running and aim for a point about

    100metres ahead...and then another point...and another...until I get over the mental blip. As you said, you can always finish when you get down to the last 5 mins, so maybe building in some other mental landmarks would help?

    Best of luck for your next run! :-)

  • Blinking heck! I feel I've done really well if I get anything below 8 mins!

  • Thanks all :) I'll go out on Wednesday and I'll get it done :)

  • You know we all have bad runs and for me, it's those I've learnt the most about my body but more importantly my mind. It loves to play its games telling me I just can't do it!!! The best thing to do is get straight back out there when you are properly rested and fresh and you will feel amazing... Work on your pace, that is really fast!!!


  • Well done you said it, any run is a good run, a bad run is when you decide not to go out at all. Your speed is as Juicyju says very fast. You'll need to compromise a bit, either slow down for the whole run or drop down your speed at about 20 minutes to give you more strength and stamina to get up those pesky hills. Don't beat yourself up over this run, put it behind you and look forward to your next run, its often the best one too :)

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