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Janda back with a second Parkrun

I know my posting has not been great recently but I have been running and still loving it. I am about 4 weeks into the big plan on my way to the Brentwood Half Marathon at the end of October. So far it seems like a bit of an interim stage with two weeks away making the plan subject to lots of change then a new job starting in September threatening all sorts of shake-up to my schedule.

Yesterday I managed to find the time for my second Parkrun. A time of 24m51s was pleasing as it was still under 25 minutes but not quite the PB I would have liked. Slower by 13 seconds I still felt I had run a smarter race this time round and perhaps it means the building blocks for continued good runs. Most importantly I gave myself plenty of time to warm up. 5 minutes brisk walk (haven't forgotten that from Laura!) then an easy 1.75k jog before joining the rest of the runners and organising team at the meeting point ahead of the start.

I am now going into an 'easy week' in my Runners World-based plan, which coincides with my first week in New York, so should ensure that it's easier to fit it all into the holiday stuff we want to do there. I will need to plan for the following week too or end up busking it and doing what I can. My concern is going to be about building up my mileage to ensure I can focus on the speed more: the plan should factor it all in but I still look at the spreadsheet and wonder how I will be ready on time. The plan does give me the mix of long easy, tempo (pace) and speed runs and does push me to remember the recovery after the harder training.

Next post from the Big Apple? We'll see. Hope some of my graduates from last October/ November are still reading and blogging too. Happy running!

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Hey James, well done you! You are doing so well! I hope this message gets to you as all my posts are doubled and tripled even. Of course we're still here, albeit blogging much less now. xox delia


Hi Delia. Thank you for the quick reply. Hope you get this just the once. I am glad you are still going as I know that you have put so much into it. There are sometimes things that get in the way of sharing it I guess. Keep running!


Nice to hear how your getting on, you'll be ready in time, it's amazing how it all comes together. Well jealous ;-) running in New York


Hey James, great to see you are still doing so well and ploughing ahead with the HM training! Have a great time running in NY, a great experience for you! It was much too hot for me to run on my holiday even in the morning, despite taking my running gear but would have loved to have had that experience.....



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