Couch to 5K

If you have a problem...if no one else can help...and if you can find them...maybe you can hire...The J-Team

Well having managed to get my trainers back on after an extended rest, I got a couple of 5k runs done last weekend which has convinced me that I've still got what it takes to make a runner.

But I realised that my plan was off schedule, so I decided to delete my missing runs as I cannot redo them anyway, and then re-assessed the weeks I have got left until the Sheffield 10k at the end of September.

I've also been reading some stuff from Jeff Galloway - and I've decided to cobble together my own plan tweaking one off his website. But my plan also incorporates ParkRuns which means I am out 4x per week & sounds quite do-able.

So in honour of my new coach I am formally starting the J-Team .

Those of you grew up in the 80's might remember the original A-Team & all their antics of creating something out of a pile of junk to save themselves from being defeated - well that's pretty similar with where I am right now.

Thanks to C25K there's a solid enough basic platform, and enough bits of old legs, tired knees, some muscles somewhere, power arms and strong lungs all lying around. So now I need to assemble them and build myself a proper runner... And thanks to Jeff I also have the blueprint - the new plan!

Besides, I never even got onto the A-Team at school, never the B team nor the C team, so let's see if I can cut it in the J-Team!...

Happy Running Everyone.

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Funnily enough a friend suggested I ordered his book so I have, I can't wait to read it as he sounds so inspiring. I used to love the A team ( showing Juicy's age..ahem), especially the hot one with the flick!!!!


Hehe, what a great post! Love it when a plan comes together! :0)


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