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Breathing - Pooh and Hello!

I'm just back from my 2nd run post grad and decided to finally try a bit more of Laura's advice about breathing in through the nose and out by mouth. Having not being able to do this earlier, I most definitely couldn't do it today. The farmer had, or was in the process of spraying 'you know what' on the surrounding fields. Poohie, not pleasant at all. Anyway, after getting used to the aroma, I tried again and still found it difficult even though my breathing is fairly consistent apart from the hills. Can anyone out there actually do this?

I also got a lovely smile for another runner. The first smile ever, so hello again if it was you and hope my smile was not too much of a grimace as I was just about finished my run, and it was on an incline, and I was red in the face which matched my top, and there was that smell!

Happy running everyone


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great blog and fantastic tags!!!!

I have never ever been able to, and I don't suppose I ever will, and does it really matter??? Thts so good people are smiling!!


No I can't breath through my nose either while I'm jogging, but so long as I can breath through my mouth, all is good. :-)


I can't do it- I just can't get enough in breathing through my nose. I figure as long as I breathe deep it's OK.


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