Couch to 5K

I did it!!! Week 9 run 3 done!

Graduation run done! Can't believe I have completed the programme! Just wondered what everyones favourite post graduation running podcasts were? I know there are three to choose from and maybe other options?? My aim is to keep it up but maybe get a bit faster and with someone like Laura encouraging you! Final question is how to I get my graduate badge?!


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Congratulations especially in this weather.

Graduate badges are back, so if you need one, contact us through the Support button in the green bar above. ^

***Please please provide your username!!!


Congrats on graduating, hope that badge appears soon! There is a post to the right for the team telling how to get it!

I used the C25K+ podcasts and week 9 quite a few times after graduation, trying to consolidate my runs and get faster ( and it has worked), but still not at the 30 minutes for 5k by some way yet although I have been concentrating on distance ready for tomorrows 5 mile run!

Happy running! :-)


I must admit I have reused week 9 several times as I had a habit of going out too fast. I have a garmin which helps me keep a good pace. Mambo no.5 is good for a bit of speed work as the beat moves you on! I only have the Bob the Builder version as it was on a Now CD. I am so glad no one else can hear my music!


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