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Week 10 Run 2 - Smoothie to 6K

So 2nd run of repeating week 9 post graduation and went out later at 9pm to avoid the heat.

Found running much easier than the previous run and ran just over 3.9 miles in the 30 minutes which is just over 6k.

Only other thing that was different was that I had a fresh fruit smoothie about 30-40 minutes before running.

Strawberries (ours) and bananas (Mr Sainsbury's) seemed to give me energy so might try that again for run 3.

Anyone else have any food tips pre or post running ?

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Blimey that's a great time for a 6k!! Well done you

I really hate smoothies but I like to have absolutely nothing for at least 4 hours before apart from a banana . My body works better that way. A poached egg for breakfast definitely gives me good energy post run! Good luck with the 10k. Juicyju


Thank you :-)

Swiss breakfast seems to do it for me but I run in the evening so the smoothie was a great energy boost last night. How long did it take you to make the bridge from 5 to 10k ?


That is an amazing time! I just done 3.7k in 28 minutes so you are doing incredibly well. I find not eating much beforehand best for me. I am actually putting my dinner back so I can get my run in then eat later.


Thank you :-)

It's a familiar picture with me too - last one to sit down to dinner - although I'm not that hungry in the heat


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