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How do you break out of 'the slump'?

So I enjoy running, I _really_ enjoy running. I've been running several times a week for the best part of the last 18 months give or take a few weeks here or there.

My last run was truly amazing, a 10k jaunt in Lowestoft which included 2 miles along a desolate, sun-drenched coast at 7am. Nothing but waves, sunshine and empty paths. The joy it gave me was nothing short of epic.

So why am I sat here, two weeks later, watching my trainers gather dust? Every morning for the last week, I've tried to will my self out of bed to go for a run but I either a) fall back asleep, b) make too much noisy & wake a kiddy or c) use the excuse that I'm busy at work and I should head to the office instead of the local park.

I know I'll break out of this slump soon enough but how do you get out of it?

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Sign yourself up for an event...


Good shout. I've signed myself up for 4 for the remainder of the year. Need to get out and train though....


I think there can be an element, when you've had a peak experience like that, of knowing the next time out ain't gonna be that way... and you just put off the disappointment....


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