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Graduation run and eaten by beasties

Well, it was a week later than I planned, but I did my graduation run tonight. It was hard work, very warm, and I was continually attacked by Horse Flies (yuck). They even drew blood!!!!

But in the last 5 minutes I pushed it harder than I ever dared before, I have no idea of my pace but it felt good and fast. I'm so freakin' proud of myself because when I started the C25K I read other people graduating and thought to myself... "well if I make it passed week 3 I will be doing well".

Now I have a 5k race planned in November to keep me motivated through the Autumn and I am VERY determined to get as close to 5k in 30 minutes as I possibly can. :)

So, I join the ranks of the "Graduated" and start on my next challenge.... Basel "Stadtlauf" (cityrun) on November 30th here I come.

To everyone out there, THANK YOU so much for all the good vibes, advice and humour. I really couldn't have done this by myself, you have all helped in your own ways.

And whilst I am thanking everyone, I should also thank my village here in the Alsace for being such a fantastic place to run :)

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There is nothing quite like the 'I can't believe I actually did it feeling' is there


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