Couch to 5K

Week 4 - mission complete!

What a good week that was! Lovely weather, but of course it can be hard work running in it. Got up and out early this morn, watered garden and went for my run. It was nice and cool when i started out, then the sun really burst into it and boy was it hot.

Silly me made a fundamental mistake straight away. Close by is an army barracks and they run down the canal I use. As i started off on first 3 minute jog I looked behind and a 'real' runner was closing up the rear. When he passed me I realised he was from the barracks and I could only marvel at his effortless speed, alas I naturally sped up myself in his wake and probably peaked too early. As your man there disappeared into the distance I thought 'bugger am feeling it already', breathing went to hell and soon felt the underhanded stabbing of a young stitch. Managing to fend said stitch beastie off I still struggled to bring my run into a comfort zone and relished the 2.5 mins walking halfway through. the sun had been bombarding my face on the first section so turning away from it i started back with the dread of another 8 mins to toil.

I had overstretched myself, but whether my endorphins kicked in or not I don't know, but I started to feel really positive regardless of my body struggling a bit. I even run up the bridge stairs back onto the main road and uphill a little until Laura begged me to stop ..... well she suggested it anyway :)


1. Pushing yourself even when tired is the way to build fitness.

2. Positive thinking really can work wonders.

3. never ever try to keep up with an army bloke when running. They probably whiz off over 5k everyday as a pre-breakfast amble :D

Having a couple of days rest as meeting a good friend for drinkies later on and do you know what? I think I've deserved it. Bring on week 5 :)

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Your post made me laugh. Well done for staying calm and carrying on. I'm looking forward to hearing how you get on with week 5 - I'm only a few runs behind.


You're an inspiration to a newbie! Thank God the positivity gets stronger as the weeks go by!!! Sounds like you're well on your way to being a "real runner" yourself. Well done and marvel at what you've achieved so far. Enjoy your drinks:)


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