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slight achilles twinge in rest day it's week 7 run 2 in the morning

Oh no it's rest day and my right achilles is a bit tingly and making its presence felt. I should do week 7 run 2 in the morning- Sunday!! I will just have to see how it feels when I wake up. May have to wait till Monday- I am stretching whenever I think of it which should help. Ho hum want to get fit (and thinner) NOT injured.

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Try putting ice on it. Dont try running if it starts to pull. Could cause more damage.

Hope this helps.


There is an exercise on the strength and flex plan where you stand and then take a step back with one leg then press down with that leg so you stretch the back of the leg.

Ive been using this at the end of each run and it seems to help prevent aches with my achilles

Maybe something to try after youve completed your next runs ?


Thanks you so much for the helpful comments.

The rest seemed to help and YES I do stretch type exercises each side when ever I think about it. I definitely do not want an injury. Sports physio has helped me a lot with this - odd how it flared p. but did run 3 this morning and absolutely fine. Hurrah.


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