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Achilles Pain. Week 2 Run 2

After my Wk2 Run 1 on Monday my left achilles felt a bit sore but it died down pretty quickly. As soon as I started my 2nd run this morning it started hurting, and hurt all the way through the run :(

This was the first run I had done where anything hurt, and I felt tired and heavy - it was such hard work. It was gutting as so far I've felt really good (I know I'm only in week 2 but it feels like forever) and really enjoyed it.

What could be causing this Achilles pain? Is it the way I run? or my trainers? or something else? And how do I treat it?

I have 2 days off now until I run again on saturday so if it's still hurting on Saturday should I run?

Sorry for the 50 questions but I've never really done much running since I was at school so don't know how much is to be expected, and how much is injury!

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I had exactly the same experience, so I visited a Sweatshop outlet to have my running style analysed and bought some running trainers. I've not had any pain since, only the usual aches.

I was given two pieces of great advice. First, I was told of a good exercise where you stand on a step on the balls of your feel and gently and slowly lower the back of your feet down. Hold for a moment and bring them back up again, lift above normal height gently and slowly, hold again and then lower back into normal position. I love to do this now, must have helped.

The second piece of advice was 'You can never run too slow'. If you aim to complete each run by being steady you will definitely get through them. It's more important to complete the distances than worry about how fast you're going.

If you're able to get some good advice before your next run, I would. Trainers that are right for your running style are so important. As for treating it, follow RICE, Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation.

Do you warm up well before you run? I bought a book 'Women's Guide to Running' and find the dynamic warm up just right.

I hope this helps! Good luck and let us know how you get on.


I had this problem when I started and advice I followed was STOP running and get gait analysis at a local running shop and make sure you have the correct trainers. I also booked into a local sports physio the Markland Clinic- absolutely brilliant and gave me a range of exercises to get the achilles healed - they said I did just right to stop running and get healed- people who press on may find long term injury and a several weeks recovery for every week you keep going on a hurting ankle. Also they said don't worry about your running style and ignore Laura advice on foot position it is not a good idea to try and change your run style as a beginner. I had several exercises to stretch the achilles (both sides about 15 seconds for 2 minutes ie 3 or four times each side about 3 or 4 times a day and the step exercise and a few more. So delighted I recovered in a few week and now am at week 7. I take great care of my achilles and the stretch exercises are part of life now. I have STRETCH written on the bathroom mirror and do it when I brush teeth etc. Good luck and do take care.


Two exercises I have found to help with achilles pain. The first is to 'write' the alphabet in the air with your feet once a day (handy for boring meetings - no one can see what your feet are doing under the table!). The second is the one on the bottom step of the stairs described by fitnessfan above. Here is a vid

BUT don't run if you are really hurting RICE and wait until the inflammation has died down. Good luck :-)


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