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Painful Achilles


Hi, I’ve just done my last 25 minute run and I felt fine while doing it but a few hours afterwards the back of my right ankle, which my husband has informed me is called my Achilles, (you can tell I’m new to all this!) started to really hurt. It’s a hard feeling to explain but it’s like the back of my ankle is too short for the rest of my leg. Can anyone give me any advice on how to make it feel better and possibly prevent it happening again? :)

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Sounds painful, but not uncommon. Make sure the shoes and socks are still the runs are getting longer, everything needs to be right:)

Also...maybe upping your stretching after your runs:)

There are some useful exercise here which may help...

Thank you. That looks useful x


Hi if it's really painful I would suggest Drs, a physio or sports therapist. Achilles are funny things and you really don't want to make what you have done worse. Otherwise you could be off games for weeks. :(

If it turns out it's only a niggle they can then give you exercises to help going forward.

Good luck x


I've had just the same problem,

Started W5. I shall await your replies and hope we can cure it.

Can't have anything slowing my progress now I'm 2/3 through now and so determined!

Meencantacorrer in reply to Hidden

Well done on getting to week five! I hope some of these comments helped.


Hello Meencantacorrer, I started C25K carefully because I have been having Achilles problems for many years usually related to another hard on the heels activity that I do.

Definitely get them checked out and your shoes too.

One thing I have found helpful is using a pair of supportive sports insoles - rather than soft gel ones - three-quarter length or full length that support your instep rather than just cushion the heel.

I have to stretch out my heels and ankles a few times a day and definitely before running and try not to land too heavily as I run - but trying hard not to compromise any other part of me!

Those are things that help me - but do definitely get yours checked out to make sure you have the best advice for your situation!

Thanks. I went to a shop a few weeks ago and had my feet videoed - it was very high tech so I think I should have the right shoes for my feet. Insoles sound like a good idea though :)

RevRunnerGraduate in reply to Meencantacorrer

Insoles recommended by a podiatrist whom I consulted before starting C25K. I’d tried heel supports but he explained to me the importance of not just supporting the heel but the whole length of the tendon along the foot - and the Achilles tendon goes roughly from the instep to the calf apparently!


This page is useful and worth bookmarking


You've agreed in your mind to run 3 times per week.

Now you need to agree in your mind to stretch 7 times per week, ie every day.

Sounds like you have tight calves and soleus muscles, and this is causing tension on your achilles. Stretching is the only way to solve this.

Google "ecccentric heel drops" to find a gentle achilles stretch. And this is the background:

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