Couch to 5K

Week 8 Run 1

Started week 8 this evening having gone out for a light jog on my rest day as missing it.

Feeling very tired but didn't want to take the easy option of having another day off so ate a banana for energy, quick drink of water then out.

Settled in to a rhythm by the five minute mark to match one of the songs (can't remember which one) and slowed down a bit to conserve energy as feeling unusually tired.

Towards the end I thought I would see if I could speed up so pushed myself to complete the last five minutes at a faster pace with closer to running speed (not quite a sprint) for the last 60 seconds.Tired but wanted to see if I had it in me.

Used mapmywalk for the first time (it has a run option) and completed 3.47 miles of running (excludes walk) in 28.32 which I think means I've completed 5k.

Feeling it a little in the legs but quite chuffed to have done it.

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Well done - and such a good time as well! Isn't it interesting that sometimes when you don't really feel like going, but make yourself, you have a good run? I look forward to your graduation post :)


Thanks. Me too :-)


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