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I took the plunge!

Well when I started this programme for the second time in January my dream was to ultimately be running 5K by the autumn and to have a go at Park Runs. Autumn is my favourite time of year and I knew I would need time to build up that stamina (my 30 mins were around 3.5K)

I've done 5K now, I've registered with Park Run and am lurking on their website and I'm going to go and take a look, perhaps volunteer. My 5K is over 45 minutes. I want 10 minutes off that before I 'go public' I can almost walk as fast!

Then I saw an ad for Bupa's My First Run... And before I knew it I'd filled in the form. It's a ballot so fingers crossed. September is autumn anyway so I've taken the first steps...

Now let the hardwork commence. Think I'm going to rob the son's iTunes credit for some Audiofuel :-)

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Ooh, give parkrun a go soon. Don't wait until you're quicker - it will be good practice for your race and you'll get heaps of support and encouragement. Go on - be brave ! ;-)


Hi! Why wait for autumn for that first Parkrun? I did my first one in March, just a few weeks after graduating, I was slow ( & last) but it gave me confidence to carry on running 3 times a week and gave me a definite target to chase... The tail runners are very helpful, full of advice as they are runners too!

Have a look at the results table, that will give you an idea of the times being run, although this will change weekly depending on who is there; one week we had people walking in preparation for Moonwalk :-)


I agree give park run a shot. It's so friendly and believe me there will be all sorts there. Today I followed a lady with her black Labrador who I must say crossed the line with more energy than I did - lol! Don't hang back. You will really enjoy it and the sense of achievement is great!


Thank you for the replies. I'm at work next Saturday so planned to pop along the following week and have a look at the course. The closest to me has a few steep slopes but one a few miles away is almost flat. I have moved house twice and had a nasty fall (not while running) in the past two months so I need to get back into the 3 runs a week but I absolutely love it so I won't have a problem. Thanks for the encouragement x


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