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Could it really be my shoes?

Did my second post grad run today around 'my' field. Still running 30mins and am in awe of those who manage just to jog on past this mile stone. My breathing was ok today. (As in I felt I could...) but me knees!!! poor old knees. Not a pain as such but an ache.... Hobbling down stairs now. I bought some Nike running shoes when I first started but I wasn't analysed...could it really be shoes or the lack of properly fitted ones that are making my knees ache now? Gillxxxxx

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It could well be your shoes. I use two pairs of shoes and alternate most runs but use the older ones whenever its very wet. Now I started getting achy knees after some runs. Taking more notice I discovered it was on days when I used my older runners. I toted up the mileage, I had been running and walking in them for over 2.1/2 years and they had done about 600-700 miles!! They say you should change your shoes after about 500 miles. I've since bought another new pair and no longer have painful achy knees after running. My old faithful shoes are in the back of the cupboard and will be used for walks and snow running when I wear spikes, so hoping to get some more mileage out of them still.


My knees killed me to the point where I had to take a week out, I was close to going to the doctors to get her take on it when by chance a colleague and I were passing a specialist running shop. We had a chat with the guy there and he analysed my gait as neutral. The trainers I was running in at the time were for overpronators so they were forcing me to run with knock knees.

Since I got the correct running shoes my knees have thankfully been fine.


You might want to consider your running style, do you heel strike?


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