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cross training on the rest days & I quite surprised myself

When I got into C25k it was part of a drive to improve my health and to start to "repair" the damage done through my 20's and 30's. So, to mix it up a bit I decided that as well as teaching myself to run, I really should look at increasing overall excercise...

I've always loved cycling & last year I bought myself yet another mountain bike, which again spent its first year gathering dust in my garage - but now as my base fitness improves I thought it would be good to get out on it.

Also managed to get my wife a nice shiny brand new bike for her 40th in April & so we have both taken to cycling the tow paths on my rest day - and last couple of times taking our eldest (11) along too - it's nothing too strenuous, just a nice gentile pace, getting the legs going & raising the heart rate kind of ride.

Well last night I thought I would clock the route on endomondo, not only for distance, but also calories & to kind of set a starting level. and blow me - we cycled for 14km in 01:24:15 - so not much faster than my average running speed - what surprised me the most was the 500 calories burned up... I was also amazed at how much easier I find riding now, my legs are putting down some real power since running.

And a slight side effect too, as it's a good way to encourage blood to flow through the leg muscles and means they can repair quicker and stronger so I should be able to run for longer too ....

Happy Running (and cross training too)

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I think a different type of exercise on a rest day is a brilliant idea! I've been cycling on my stationary bike at home (I can watch wimbledon!) a couple of times a week as well as running. If nothing else, a bit of gentle exercise can stretch and warm your tired leg muscles which makes the run the next day a bit easier.

I've always taken calorie counters with a pinch of salt, though. I read somewhere, in some health and fitness magazine, that because they're based on an average weight of a person (which is what?!) they can be a long way off what you're actually burning. But I suppose if you have a personal one then you can programme in your weight and it gives you a more accurate reading? Must give you an amazing sense of achievement!


I agree with you both, cross training is helping my running and vice versa. I'm enjoying my rowing machine much more since I've been running; I take less time to get into my 'stroke' and find it easier to manage the intervals.

I'll be rowing shortly on my run free day today, nice to know that I'm not the only one watching Wimbledon at the same time as exercising!

I've stopped thinking about the calories now, the marked difference in the muscle tone of my legs and my smaller tummy are keeping me happy!


Before I discovered C25K I was exercising on a static bike. It helped lay the foundations for my running. I also do Pilates which tones and shapes the body and helps make me more flexible. Happy running.


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