Fav time of the day 2 run?

Hiya , when is your fave time of the day to run? First thing in the morning / afternoon or evening? I have experimented with all and have to say i prefer afternoon/evening. I work Mon-Fri 9-5pm so if i dont have the time at night i get up at 6am to fit a run in. I sometimes lack the energy in the morning though! But push myself none the less. I know some folk get up , no breakfast and straight out Eeek ! I love my breakfast :) xxx


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  • I'm one of those that gets up and goes straight out, start work at 7 so am up at 5. I like doing it this way, I'm not even awake properly for half of it I don't think :). I know I wouldn't be able to do it in the evening after my little boy goes to bed so it suits me.

  • I've never run in the morning because I dont think i'd have the energy. I come from work at 5.30pm put my running gear straight on, eat a banana and have a glass of water and then head out half hour later. I'm back home and in the shower by 7pm. I dont usually feel hungry after a run so I tend to have something light for tea. If I run on a weekend I go out mid morning but I try and fit my runs in so I get my weekends do other stuff! :)

  • for me it's best going weekday evenings & weekend mornings. especially being light on a night as I find I don't eat until after 8pm.

    Tried a couple of extra early morning's - although the couch and coffee has always won me around.

  • Early morning for me, get up have a cup of tea and a small banana. Wash my face then I'm out of the door. Have my well earned breakfast after my run, then shower ready to tackle the rest of the day. I have run in the early evenings, not well and I put it down to running on well lit pavements where there has been loads of traffic. The exhaust fumes seem to lie and being asthmatic it can and does effect my breathing. We are all different but its good to be flexible with your running times you never know when life will get in the way of your normal schedule. Happy running :)

  • I usually run on treadmill at the gym so its mornings for me although I do run outside on a sunday morning on the country lanes nearby. I've done a couple of evening runs locally but found the car fumes on the longer route really affected my chest last time I went.

  • I get up and go first thing too. I like the short transition from inactivity to being outside in the fresh air, and find that it's a great start to the day. I don't eat or drink anything beforehand - just a cup of tea afterwards.

  • Evenings - at the moment around 8.30 / 9pm. Village is quiet and nice breeze :)

  • I much prefer mornings if possible. I'm not really a morning person despite usually waking quite early (it takes ages for me to get going) but evenings seem like hard work. Also, where I usually live there are rather a lot of people who go out for an evening stroll and I prefer to keep my beetroot face a bit more private.

  • I went and completed day 2 of week7 this morning first thing. I was freezing though , well to begin with! I know body temp drops in the morning and with it being typical scottish weather it was drizzly too :P! I didn't seem to lack energy which was good. Had a hearty protien packed breakkie afterwards of greek yougurt/honey/blueberries and some granola clusters! Its 10am and im a lil tired/sleepy. Next run is Sat! to finish off week 7. x

  • I prefer early morning (about 6 - 6.30a.m.) as it's much more peaceful then and sets me up for the day. However, we are all individuals, with different lifestyles so what suits you best is what will work best for you. Good luck with your runs.

  • Morning for me, up at 6am out of the door at 6:10am after getting dressed and brushing my teeth.

    I run in the morning for two reasons first, if I didn't 'get it over and done with' first thing, I know I would find it really difficult to motivate myself later in the day. Second, is the weather, I live in the middle east and the temperature in the morning is just about bearable, no way could I run in the heat later in the day.

    Enjoy your run which ever time of day is better for you :-)

  • I'm a morning runner before there is anyone else about except a few dog walkers. I don't have the self confidence to run round the streets when there are people about :(

  • NettyK! I isued to work and live in DUBAI - Went for a run around 3pm in the afternoon once BAD IDEA. Sooo hot x

  • In winter it would be nice but definately not in summer! I went out a little later the other day, about 6:45am and gosh what a difference half an hour made. I literally couldn't finish my run, had to stop one minute before the end before I collapsed. I was so disappointed with myself, but vowed not to do that again... I'm dreading Ramadan :-(

  • Do you plan on running in the morning too when Ramadan begins? must be tough! xxx

  • Not sure, I can't run without water I think I would definately faint! I was going to risk it and take a mini bottle, but I don't want to get arrested if someone see's me!!

    I'm not sure what I will do, I'm a bit disappointed really as my week 6 starts tomorrow, and I will now struggle to finish the 9 week programme. I don't have easy access to a gym to use a treadmill either :-(

    Not very good planning on my part lol...

  • I do my runs in the morning as otherwise I 'don't get round to it' when the evening comes! Too busy when the rest of the house is up!

  • I would like to run early in the morning but my body objects to going from inertia to running in 15 minutes, so I have breakfast and go out about an hour later, usually about 9am. This is good year round as its always light by 9am. I have sometimes run in the evening but also find this hard, maybe I'm too tired by the end of the day.

  • I'm a morning runner, it's cooler and the traffic is lighter so much less fumes.

  • Evenings during the week and easy about timings at the weekend but mostly mid-morning.

  • In the beginning of the programme I did morning runs when there was no-one about, but found them hard work (usually had no breakfast as I couldn't run after eating), but now I don't really care who sees me so it's usually evening - where I live it's very rural, not many cars but lots of runners, dog-walkers etc, but I've got in the habit of waving and saying hello to people as I pass. Some of my 'best' runs have been quite late - 9 pm but as the nights are getting shorter I'm going earlier.

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