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Progress and poop!

I have been following Runkeeper's B210K training plan for a couple of weeks using the running music I downloaded, getting ready for the 5 mile Olympic Anniversary run.

Saturday evening I did an 'easy/slow' 3.72km run , then Sunday morning was an 8km 'easy/slow' run.

Set off, not quite sure of the route I would do (often the case with me!). Ran alongside the dual carriageway towards a route I cycled on 5x50; where I'd found a new extension to the local country park. Headed for that, got to the entrance which is up a fairly steep hill and runkeeper says I am at 4km already...

What to do, didn't want to turn away from the park having just reached it, and I had seen on the map at work there are a couple of bridleways linking back across the fields to my normal park, so headed into the park for a quick look, no-one about, started on the path, did a loop round but couldn't find the bridleways, I stopped and checked out both maps I passed but no bridleways marked.

Returned via the dual carriageway then detoured into my usual park, heard the voice telling me I'd done 8km, then 9km (with the music playing 'don't give up now'!). I had run all the way, the voice was telling me I was getting slower and slower, but who cares, I had run further than ever before! I cut back across the grass instead of sticking to the paths, got home at 1hr 25mins (including warm up/warm down walks and had done 9.5km! Slow but steady, my pace was nice and regular for large sections which was good, as I have found it hard to stay at one pace using my music.

Only passed one other runner on my side of the road, got a half smile in return for my grimace, then a cheeky wink as he passed me! :-)

Only bad bit of the day was the huge stinky dog poo I picked up from cutting across the grass... Yuk! Still, sat and cooled down on the patio with bucket and toothbrush getting it clean again! Why do some people not clean up after their pooches!!! :-(

Feel confident now that the Olympic run will be ok, and another 4 weeks to consolidate my training :-)

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Sometimes it is nice just to keep going and see what happens. Seems like you had a good run. :-)


Thanks! Once your out you've got to get home, and quicker to run than walk! Would have been happy with 8k but that park was tempting, after the effort to get there! :-)


Sounds like a great run. I fantasise about going that sort of distance. Well done you! Perhaps that dog poop is good luck for the 5 miler! ;)


Thanks! It was good to know I can just plod on with no issues, rest day today from running but late shift at work so will be using the stairs lots (treated myself to using the lift twice yesterday! )

Sure you'll be up to the 10k soon! :-)


well done you, bet you feel on top of the world, it is always good to push yourself as long as you are having fun (and don't forget your rest day-your body needs it) with you on the poop issue, mine field around here.

This week am on a walking holiday so will be running Hadrian's wall (hopefully) :-) just setting out


That sounds lovely, last time I went to Hadrian's wall I was a teenager, but Dad loved all things old/ archaeological and so do I, & have passed it on to grandson who is a Time Team fan at 3! :-)


fantastic, well done, I bet you felt amazing!!! But dog poo...disgusting stuff, v bad owner

Happy running :)


Oh I hate dog pooh, there is only one thing worse and thats horse pooh. Last Saturday there had been a hack going through the forest tracks were I run. The biggest problem with horses pooh is the flies, you really have to stop breathing when you run past it for your own good :) Smashing run, you'll have to do a recce and find those pathways.


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