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A Lesson learned!

So tonight I set out to do some interval training. My training program required me to do 7x5mins at Race Pace with 3 min recovery jogs in between.

As the intervals were quite long I reasoned that I would get bored doing laps in the park so headed out on my usual route.

Technical problems & hills meant that I ended up just running the first half at a steady speed, I then picked up with the intervals got myself to the park & quite enjoyed the end of the run.

So the lesson I have learnt is to do intervals in the park. Even if its boring at least I'll get to actually do them!

On the plus side my times at last seem to be improving.

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Seems like a sensible way to do it to be fair. The interval podcast I use from AudioFuel gives you a 5 minute warm up run / jog before the intervals start so you could use your run to the park as the warm up (regardless of distance) and then get going on the intervals when you're there.

I <3 intervals!


You have my sympathy. I live in a hilly place too and it's really tough when you're pushing yourself anyway and then come up against a steep gradient too! But hey, you did a good run and enjoyed it too, so well done! And the park might be entertaining at times - people-watching is always good! Goo luck with your training.


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