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Showing WEEK 9 who's da boss!

Hello fellow bloggeroos,

I started WEEK 9 this morning. Perfect running temperature outside, a bracing breeze and cos it's Sunday, not may people (apart from other runners). Having told my cat about my stunning personal best running WEEK 8.3 a couple of days ago (she couldn't have cared less and carried on sleeping) I ventured forth this morning wondering how an extra 2 minutes added to the total would affect my run.

I started ENDOMONDO as soon as my warm up walk was finished and off I went at a comfortable pace. The first thing to make me almost give up was the bloody awful "Me and Julie" song WHICH I HATE with a passion that knows no bounds! Oddly, it must have spurred me on because my first K was 5"49sec?!?!!! Once that was announced in my ear I thought to myself "Can I sustain this sort of pace?" I carried on with gusto. Legs felt good. The stiff breeze forced oxygen into my lungs and I concentrated hard on keeping the pace regular.

2nd K was 5'39sec. 10 sec quicker. Bloomin' heck, was I going to keep this up? The 3rd K was slower 6'06sec but despite this, I sensed that 5K was possible within the half an hour. Laura came on and told me how great I was doing and I said to her "Yeah yeah yeah! I bet you say that to everyone!" (she does.....cos it's a podcast?). 4th K was 6'05sec a massive one second quicker than the previous one! I was tiring at this stage until Endonmondo Woman announced that at this rate, 5K would be completed in 29mins and a handle of seconds. "Bloomin' heck" I thought. "Time for Dans Super Turbo Booster Rocket Power Booster Jets"!!

I was really tired at this stage but I found some more energy from somewhere. Sheer stubborn determination made my legs and arms turn into wheels and I imagined that I wasn't running, I was an upright weird sort of two wheeled running machine. Suddenly Endomondo Woman announced "You have reached your goal. 5K in 29'24sec"

'Yeeesssssssss" I yelled! Another runner passing by gave me a weird look. I felt a bit silly, but who cares?

I had cracked 5K in under 30 mins. How on earth can someone like me who has never run before, who's overweight by a stone manage in just 8.1 weeks? Should I tell Sophie the cat? Would she give a ****? Would she meeow her approval?

Decided not to disturb her as she was upside down on the sofa with her tongue hanging out the side of her mouth. She looked relaxed. It would keep.....

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Wow, Dan. That's fabulous. Well done. I am sure Sophie is proud if you, but, being a cat, she would never dream of letting it show. Gillx


You got that right!


This blog had me crying with laughter- absolutely brilliant! Congratulations Dan- that's a huge achievement!


Thank you Jany. Most appreciated. And I'm glad it made you laugh!!


That's terrific. Sounds like maybe you discovered you're a natural runner! It's amazing you can go that quickly at this point in the program. Me, I'm starting week 8 and every minute is a torturous plod, don't think I'm one of those people whom running comes easily for. :( Good job, two more runs until you get your snazzy green badge!


I'm completely amazed too as I'm really new to this running lark. I do like a challenge though and am pretty stubborn, so perhaps that's a good combination to get through this C25K Prog.


That's amazing Dan, you speedster :-) I share your hatred of 'Me and Julie' - I wrote on here earlier this week that it makes me want to tear my ears off... not long now before you never have to hear it again, hurray!


Well done Dan, what a great achievement. :-) I'm with you on the "Me and Julie" song. lol I'm still struggling to get to 5k in 30 mins but I will keep going. :-)


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