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Shin splints? W5 R2!

Tonight's run I found the hardest yet, which is no surprise. My shins are really sore tonight and since the run they are really aching. When I thought back they have been sore for a while I just put it down to being in my feet all day at work!

Could this be the dreaded shin splints? I'm terrified about my next run but want to keep going! :(

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I'm at a similar stage in the program and my calfs and shins can hurt quite a bit, what I try to do is follow the warm down stretches that they show on the main site and ice sore parts. Hope that helps :)


I've always been lucky and I have never really suffered from these. Yes, I have have mildly sore shins, but not the debilitating pain that some can have.

From speaking to other runners who do suffer, I would advise that you should listen to your body more than to Laura ~ sorry Laura. If needs be, take a break, or even move back a stage on your schedule; there is nothing wrong with doing this.

Are you running on the same surface for your runs? If so, try varying it so you have a mix of tarmac and softer surfaces to see if that helps.

Above all, listen to your body and, as Keith2877 says, warm down properly with a final warm down walk followed by stretches.



Hi Em, I seem to have avoided the dreaded 'shin splints' so far, I believe they can be diagnosed by a sports physio or doctor? - if you check the 'tags' on this site there are several folk who have 'been there - done that!' ... But that is not to say my journey has been entirely pain-free! You are now at the halfway point on the course and have been demanding a lot of your body recently. The runs will get longer very soon and it is important that your body is ready for the challenges! Yes, take an extra day or two rest if needed - as Sally says - listen to your body: it will let you know when it is healed! Yes, gentle stretching after your outings will soothe your muscles. Yes, ice packs are useful if joints are swollen. Yes, warm baths, and gentle massage can help enormously. Consider your running style - possibly you are over stretching? Possibly your footfall is a little too heavy? Try slow, light running - as if you are on clouds and keep you feet landing pretty much below your body. Go gently into your runs, find a steady pace - at this stage it's about staying the distance rather than setting new speed records . All in all, be kind to yourself, rest when you hurt, but get gently back to the programme to continue your fitness plan - there's certainly no need to be terrified about anything. Keep calm and carry on - you'll get there. Good luck, Linda x :)


Thanks for the comments, I so want to keep going regularly! Although really dreading my next run - the famous 20 mins! Ahhhhhh!


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