Couch to 5K

New shoes :)

5 weeks ago I began the couch to 5k journey. By the second week I was really enjoying it and even looking forward to getting out in the evenings (which really shocked me as I hated sports at school and even pledged to never run again after trying it just to get fit). It was at this point I decided as motivation to promise myself some new trainers mid way through.

So I am mid way through week 5 and have just purchased some new shoes!!! I am excited to be getting out and about in them and am even signing up for the gym tomorrow. Wow I never ever thought I would be saying this. Looking forward to joining all you graduates soon.

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Well done Naturebee88 on getting this far, you will soon have that GRaduate badge. There's nothing quite like a new pair of running shoes or new gear of any sort for that matter to keep you motivated. I bought my third pair of runners today so can't wait to get down to the gym and try them out in the morning. Good luck for the rest of the programme.


Thanks Oldgirl. I can't wait to get the graduate badge. I can imagine getting new running gear could become quite addictive! Enjoy the gym tomorrow.


I got some new shoes about 4 weeks ago and now I feel like a runner, even if I'm not there yet. The shoes do help with motivation though. Good luck with your running in your new shoes.


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