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Slow runs are better than NO runs

W7R1 and quite possibly the slowest "run" ever. I waited until 9pm to go out and it was still sweltering (still around 30 degrees), but this is a nice problem to have as I see that the UK isn't enjoying the summer weather that we have today.

I reckon it will take me weeks to replace the water I lost! I carried a water bottle with me, but it was a bit annoying, and when I did take a sip I felt sick. So I saved the very well shaken water until I started my warm down. Then I really enjoyed it. I'm thinking of hiding the water somewhere on my route next time and picking it up on the home straight.

On the plus side, slow runs are better than no runs :)

This is what keeps me going, I really can imagine the day when I get that little green graduate badge....

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Fabulously positive attitude - it'll get you to the badge very soon :)

I can't cope with drinking at all while out ... thought it was just me, as lots of other runners carry drinks! But I too feel sick as I try to drink, and if I do manage a few sips, my tummy complains for the rest of the run. I prefer to get home and then take a long drink of cold water.

You're right about our summer here in the UK ... So far it's dreadful :( Been overcast and drizzly for ages now ... But I guess that after an incredibly long, cold winter/spring, it is ok weather for running and not getting too hot and sticky.

Lots of luck with your last few runs - looking forward to your graduation blog ;)

Cheers, Linda x


I did w7r1 last night too and did come back feeling a bit dispirted about my pace so it is good to know I am not the only one. Made myself feel worse by doing some googling and reading v dismissive piece on bbc site about a coach who reckons if you are running at less than 6mph you are better off walking. As 6mph is a far off dream for me this was really depressing.

Then I gave myself a good talking to. 7 weeks ago I couldn't jog 100 yards - w1r1 I got back and collapsed on the sofa and couldn't move. Last night I ran (well jogged) for about 2 miles. I have lost inches from my waist and my legs are starting to lose their resemblance to fat pink sausages. I feel stronger and fitter and I am loving being outside more even when I do have to run in the drizzle. So in the end I persuaded myself that the thousands who have done c25k before me and have had faith in Laura are good enough for me and the advice of the coach might be right for "elite runners" but to forget it (and stop googling!). Still slightly obsessed with how best to run though (heel first like Lauira says or midfoot?)

We had it very humid too last night even in the UK (probably not as bad as you) and I got very very hot and sweaty. Like Linda I can't drink while I'm runnning and I have wondered about it - everyone I see seems to have one of those handgrip water bottles. Instead I have a drink before I go (taking Laura's advice about stitch) and then a long drink when I get back. I figure it's only a bit over half an hour afterall! So far I have avoided getting a stitch and, touch wood, anything beyond the odd twinge in my calfs/knees.

Keep running! Helen


Yes, I agree about the positive attitude. I also run very slowly but, in truth, that doesn't bother me as my pace will improve with time. Sounds as though that bbc coach is a bit of a running snob - happens in all areas of life, unfortunately. It would be better to encourage new people, not try to put them off. Shouldn't worry about it too much - we know we're making progress and that's all that counts.


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