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Week 7 - Run 3 - Nailed it!

Went back to the woods this morning sporting my new trail shoes. Much better for running through the mud :) .

Mrs Jellyhawk came along this time too, which had me a bit worried because she has been a 'proper' runner for a number of years rather than a week, like myself :) . I thought she might have 'beasted' me all the way round, lol, but I needn't have worried.

Anyhow, after my tough run on Friday this seemed like a breeze. Having someone else to run with helped me keep the pace going and we finished the run at about the same point that I finished the warm down walk on Friday! We covered 3.7k and I really enjoyed it, I even managed to run up the lumpy bits at a reasonable pace. My best run to date I think.



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