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W7 R3...finally

Had a bit of a slow week...Monday run was fine but I missed my Wednesday/Thursday run due to other stuff going on. Didn't feel like going out today but forced myself and decided to use my playlist instead of Laura. I also optimistically set my watch timer for 30mins just in case I felt I could go on further.

Well, the Buzzcocks started me off - a mistake as I went far too quick - but after 10 minutes I had settled down to a really slow pace and with 'Baggy Trousers' echoing in my ears (and becoming my new mantra) I managed to keep going for 30 mins!!

Absolutely thrilled and amazed!!! In 30 mins I ran 2.5 miles...yes, slow...BUT miles...I used to dream of running ONE mile...

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Amazingly well done you! Wow, you seem to have arrived so recently onto the forum, and you are doing wonderfully ... Full steam ahead! :D

Don't worry a jot about two-day breaks, I think I also needed a little more recovery time when I got to the longer, continuous runs. Oh, and isn't it lovely to pop your sounds onto 'shuffle' mode and wait to see how certain sounds get you buzzing or giggling or gasping LOL.

I've grown up a feet, yards and miles girl, so the kms are still a foggy nonentity to me. I love miles, and yes, anything more than one makes me thrilled too... Keep going mrshiccup, not too long now to your graduation.

Lots of good wishes, Linda x :)


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