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Two new routes - need two new legs

I get bored easily and so whilst doing my B210K training (week 5 run 2) I have been trying some new routes.

I had a reasonable idea of where I was going and then halfway through there was a ruddy great big hill in front of me - saw this as a challenge and went for it, I am not sure what the incline rate is on the hill but I had to walk the last bit!!! then found I was further away than I wanted to be and ended up doing 10.5k.

That was Tuesday, tonight I tried another route which I knew does not have any steep hills, and found the going easier, then, halfway through my legs wanted to give up and I had to dig very deep to get moving. Made it home, collapsed on the sofa and other than a shower and a bowl of spag-bol that is where I have stayed. Can not get my legs to do as they are told. Might have to crawl up to bed tonight.

Still it's Friday tomorrow and I have swimming Saturday then a cycle ride Sunday morning followed by a run in the afternoon. Should be refreshing, :-)

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Well done for getting up the hill in the first place. Your legs were probably still grumbling from your run on Tuesday!


This is making me tired just thinking about it! :)

...Just when I start to think I am doing OK, I come across something like this! - Just joking!

- Really, very well done!

- Just be careful you don't overdo it - although maybe you already have lol!


I hope you don't mind, but I am going to call you Kate. Why? Because you have been 'Running up that hill', and now you need a 'deal with God' to get your legs working again.

Well done on conquering the hill, and for not giving up. As I always say to our son, if you train on difficult terrain, when you get to 'normal' ground you will find is so easy.

Enjoy the swim (leisure or fitness?), the bike ride (MTB or road?) and the run. I'm assuming that you are either very fit, or are aiming at a triathlon; either way I am inspired by you.


Alcopop 10.5K with a steep hill thrown in too, wow girl you rock!! :) Nice one, keep those legs moving and don't lie on the couch after a hard run like that, do lots of stretches your legs will thank you for it tomorrow. Well done, hills are there to be conquered and to challenge us (all) unless you live in Holland of course.


now there is an idea - move to Holland, perhaps I might get some Dutch courage!


Hills are good for training :)

10.5k is impressive

Ice for legs

V Jealous of pasta, not had ANY since I started diet in April :(

Have fun with your weekend of activities



juicyju eat your pasta just have tomato based sauce with it not cream sauces and wholemeal is better too. :)


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