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Favourite running song?

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Hi Everybody!

I wanted to ask you; what is your favourite motivational running song? The song that gets you through the last little bit when your legs have gone and you feel like you're breathing through a straw?

Mine is going to have to be AC/DC You shook me all night long. There is nothing that guitar riff can't get me through.

What about you all?

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Hi Jany

I have my running playlist on shuffle but i think my pace seems to quicken when Adeles Rumour comes on

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I couldn't keep up with the beat in Ballroom Blitz the other day. But a good one for the end of your warm-up walk and start of the run is Queen's Don't Stop Me Now. It starts off with Freddie singing slowly then suddenly picks up pace, full music and your feet won't let you walk any more, just gotta run!

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For me, it's 'Eye of the Tiger'. A classic. Lol

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Libertines - 'Can't Stand Me Now' or The Clash - 'Brand New Cadillac', the beat just works really well for my pace

Just found one this morning which I had forgotten about - not sure what it's called but it's madonna & Justin Timberlake - time goes by so slowly - or tick tock or something.

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Hi when I have had a good run and just at the end of my playlist is "search for the hero" , that's just how this 74 year old feels. Just love it . Pat :-)

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Seventh son - jools holland with sting. Seems right pace for me. Mind you , only done with my own music once!!

Jenifer Lopez "Let's Get Loud" this is an awesome song that will really make you want to run.... trust me! :)


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Like most I have a running playlist of tracks that make me feel energetic. But the ones that make me smile particularly are 'I like the way you move', Eliza Doolittle's 'Pack Up Your Troubles' and Chumbawamba 'Tubthumping'. When they come on I just can't but help run a little bit harder.

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Oh, and Franz Ferdinand 'Take Me Out'.

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The new Jamie Cullum album has some great tracks on for running to. The one "Edge of something" has become the soundtrack of my c25k+ journey...."I'm on the edge of something, so I just keep running" :) Love it!

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I love the Pet Shop Boys to do a brisk walk to, only just started C25K today, so haven't ran to it yet, but am sure it will be as good running as it is walking, and always anything by Queen x

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Still on the podcasts when running - but Robyn's "With Every Heartbeat" is excellent on the cross trainer - unless I am in a mood in which case I put on "Be Mine!" or Mr Brightside (I think those last 2 are more a "fuck you" to a guy I once knew though which give me the energy to keep going.

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Rubber Bullets by 10cc. Never fails to lift my mood. :)

Jump - Van Halen. Always gives me a boost!

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kinda mental. but listening to a random slipknot playlist from amazon prime music helped haha. i dont even listen to them usually

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