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I finally started the program :)

I've been gathering information and trying to psych myself up to start the C25K program for a couple of months now. Well I did my first run on Saturday, which was quite memorable. I started out by heading onto my property but was turned back by attacking deer flies! I imagine that if anyone had been watching me they would have thought I was crazy with my arms flailing about my head. Anyway, I ended up running figure 8's through and around our barn, not the most scenic route but it served the purpose. I did my second run at work on the air conditioned track which was much better. I worried that a coworker would see me and chuckle at my attempt but in reality, when you start listening to the podcast you are in your own little world. So far, so good, some soreness from the plodding, as that best describes my run at this point. I'm thankful for this site and the inspiration I have gained from it. I wish you all the best!

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Well done on starting the programme and completing the runs. It is funny how much we dread anyone seeing us, but in reality there are so many people running at different speeds and are different shapes and sizes we don't notice them when we are not running. Keep up the good work and trust the programme and most importantly YOURSELF. Happy running.


Welcome to the forum for C25K - the friendliest place on the Internet! Absolutely great that you've made your start and swatted flies in a dramatic fashion en route! LOL :D

Don't worry about plodding, I'm a granny too so just considered it the only way to go for my first few weeks (especially as I hadn't exercised for years and was carrying far too much weight) However, around midway through the programme I found a comfortable pace, my breathing was easier, and I found I was covering the longer, continuous runs at a reasonable rate - so I guess it was all down to getting fitter.

Lots of luck for your campaign, and don't forget to post your questions, successes and gripes to us on here ... You'll find heaps of support to help and encourage you on your way ;)

Cheers, Linda x


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