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Week 8- end is in sight

Can't believe how fast time has gone since starting C25K. Todays 28 min run was tough, all mental but stuck it out and got home and had a best distance and the fastest pace I've had since the early weeks when you get lots of breaks. Think I've read other posts where people have said the same thing.

I've worked out that I'm going to be very close to running the 5km next week so that will be my goal now. The end is in sight!

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Week 8 really does make you feel like you have achieved something doesn't it. and yes 28 mins is a tough - but surprisingly doable :-)

But if you're feeling good now - just you wait for the happy happy happy feeling you get when you hit your first 5k distance - I can't tell you many times I whooped, smiled, jumped and high5ed my shadow on the way home - feels soooo good.

Enjoy yourself - and Happy Running


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