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W7R2 - Lower Back Pain

Well I did complete the race. Took a new route, turned off Laura (W7 music is really boring) and went off. However, soon came upon a huge downward path and knew that coming back would be a challenge. I went more by distance than time and so landed up running 30 mins. However I think the slope did me in and woke up today with a pain in my lower back that makes walking painful. Looks like I will have to slack off for some days before I get back to running :-(

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Oh dear, what a shame ... I think folk usually assume that downhills are easy, whereas in fact a steep slope can put strains on different parts of your legs and your back often has to realign (lean backwards) to stop you falling horribly downhill - so backache happens! :( Coping with uphills too is best done by reducing the length of your stride (so your back isn't sent too far out of upright alignment), keep your momentum and just go more steadily and slowly upwards ... also keep your breathing and energy controlled. The chances are that you've just overworked some muscles and tendons which are unused on level paths, so a few nice warm baths, and rest for a few days should see you fine and dandy again.

You are so close to graduation, and the weather is better, that it would be a shame to majorly extend your progress now. Lets hope some rest and your next run on level ground again will see you back and whizzing onwards to that graduation status ;)

Take care, cheers, Linda :)


towards the end of the program I used to get lower back pain after my runs. I hadnt done any stretching til then but found that once Id stopped running if I laid down on my back, pulled my knees up into my chest & rocked from side to side this would ease my pain. also if you sort of release your knees a bit & lower your back disc by disc then pull your knees back up, doing the same, disc by disc, this really helped me.

someone on here once said that when running down hill be aware not to clench your toes. sounds daft but its something I did automatically so something I now try to concentrate on. also we tend to put the brakes on running downhill & we shouldnt do that either. makes me worry I might go too fast & fall over again!

good luck. hope a good nights sleep will ease the pain. shelley x


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