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Last Week to go

Three runs to go to complete C25K, already running a bit further then 5k and feeling pretty good. If I am feeling good at the end of the time I usually go for the extra 5min which would be my warm down just to push myself and get ready for the next set of runs. I also brought a pair of long skins and they have been very beneficial in these longer runs. Losing weight, feeling good and a bit more of a strut in my stride :)

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Great news-that 'feelin good' feeling is hard to beat. I graduated this week and that felt fantastic. Stay in the zone and I look forward to seeing your gradation post.

Happy running:-)


The 'buzz' is amazing I agree. I'm on week 5 but sort of skipped ahead for the last 3 runs and just completed my first 30 mins and did 4.45k woo hoo!!!!! Am I a fraud? Can I still graduate?

I shed a little tear at 30mins CANNOT BELIEVE I can run that long, and was grinning like a loon on the walk back!


30 mins is a great hurdle to get over especially when you think back to run 1....The great thing I have found especially here in Alice Springs in the middle of Australia is I can run wherever I want to go. I've been working 900klm and 300klm from the Alice but still kept my motivation to run as it it great scenery to look at. It's a bit funny running and having a herd of donkeys watching you or horses and cattle. 1st run of week 9 today and already planning on what route to take. Once I have completed R3W9 I'm going to start to incorporate a few hill runs, if anyone knows ALice Springs and has been up Anzac hill well that will be one of my goals and 10klm


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