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WK7/R1 getting slightly easier!!

After the first ten minutes! Well I was going to go out at 7am, but it turned into 8.30 am, which for me not being a morning person is pretty good! Nearly wore shorts but I'm fed up with them riding up, so capris it was again. Gosh it was hot and it was a relief to run in the shaded bits under the trees. Loads of runners out, and you know what regarding the running etiquette, I smiled at everyone. Well not the hardcore ones, they looks so serious. Out of about 15 people, roughly I got two smiles, two!! Oh well some people are just b****y miserable or in the zone. Anyway I did it 25 minutes, no gremlins and it's just manageable I think. However the last ten minutes feel OK and I then start to enjoy the running. Why is it always the start that's hard?? Great news my leg feels tons better than it has for ages, not achy or stiff as it usually is after the run. Hurray!

Well rest of day to feel smug and Yoga later. Happy running!


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Well done Runningwild. I prefer early runs myself but not on a work day. On weekends and days off I try to go for a run and be home by 9am.

I think it more in the mind which makes the start of runs the hardest, thats what I find. Once I run the km then I am in a rhythm and it isnt so bad.


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