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OMG - I'm going to be running in the Olympic Stadium!!

Hi all

Reposting this as didn't seem to work first time...

Been so busy with work not had a chance to blog much and have been plodding away post graduation (managed 6K last night).

A few weeks ago someone mentioned on here about the National Lottery run so on a whim I entered the ballot.

Well tonight I got the email to say I'd been successful! I can't believe it - I'm so excited to think of running into the stadium and round the track like a proper athlete!

Thank you to whoever posted the link (I can't remember who it was)

Did anyone else get in?

Kel x

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I would say Bloody Hell - now that is something to smile about

Enjoy your day and happy running


Thanks Matthew. Feels like a good way to round off my running journey


round off...?

I'm sure you mean finish the first chapter of the first book about your running journey?

chapter 2 starts with the day I ran in the Olympic stadium


Ha ha! Yes of course - the first chapter of my running story.

Am hoping it might involve a marathon one day...


Me too Kel! Fab isn't it??! It was Ali B that posted about it so am hoping she got in too.....



Oh that's great ! Seems there's a few of us. Poppy just commented that she's in too but can't see her comments on here now.


Hi, I posted on your other post in the C25K+ bit! I am very excited too!


Lucky you, I didn't get a place :-(

Good luck and enjoy.


Well, I haven't heard anything so I'm guessing I didn't. Not sure if I'm disappointed or relieved to be honest!!

Have a wonderful time those of you who do get in - what a fabulous occasion to be a part of. :-)


I take it all back - I've just rechecked my webmail - and I'm in!! For some reason the email hasn't reached my personal account....wow - I'm stunned!!

Better go back and read the thing properly....... :-)


Have a good day, all of you. Let us know how it went.


So jealous! Didn't get in. Would love to go and watch but I think only people who are running get two spectator tickets? I'm so near too - when I do my 10k walk/run loop I actually pass by it!

Hope you all enjoy it.


I hope you all enjoy it, will you be wearing your C25K t-shirts so you can identify each other?


So sorry to all those who didn't get in - would have been nice for as many of us as possible to be there.

Rosn123 - yes it's only 2 passes which again is a shame. You must be near me as I live right near to the Stadium too.

For those that did get in, if anyone's thinking of driving I can offer you free parking. I only live 10 minutes walk from the Stadium and my husband is the manager of a rugby club which has a big car park if anyone's interested.

We should definitely try and have a meet up. I think we get an official t-shirt so not sure about the c25k ones.


London Kel, I'm definitely interested in the free parking, thank you! We'll have to drive up and will have to leave at the crack of dawn. I thought about parking perhaps in Victoria or Kensington (where we know the free places!) and getting the Tube in but it would be great to be closer to the Stadium.


No problems Dottie. We can meet up then! I'm not sure what entrance to the stadium it will be so if we have to get the tube, it's only 1 stop and the car park is 3 minutes walk from the station so nice and easy.

Do you have to come far?


Kel, we're coming from Gloucester, so will be on the M4 coming into West London.

I have to talk it over with hubby and see what he thinks will be best - he might prefer to park up where we usually park and not have the hassle of driving across London.

We know we can get to Cromwell Road in 2 hours - it's just how long it could take to drive from there to Stratford/Newham especially when up to 30,000 others are heading there too!

I'll be in touch when we've decided! Thanks again. :-)


Fantastic! We'll all be cheering you on! Think Mo Farrah!


Mo is my hero!! I may even do the Mobot as I cross the line!!


Wow a bit of a drive for you then. No worries on the parking - the offer's there if you need it.

Need to up the training now. I managed 6K on Wednesday so I think getting up to the 8K by the time of the race should be achievable.

I drove through the Olympic park area the other day and they had giant silver letters spelling out RUN so I guess that's to inspire us!!


Wow, well done to everyone who will be taking part in that, and wishing you all the very best of luck. When is it and will it be televised?


Thanks Kel - it is appreciated!

Don't know about it being televised caz - I doubt it although it may feature on the local news I guess, but it's on 21st July. That sounds a long way off when you say it....but actually isn't!! Oooooeerrrrr......


I will pop it on my calendar and keep an eye out on the news that day. :-) Very best of luck to all that will be there participating. :-)


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