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Oh woe is me!

I was hoping that this was week 9. Well we've done run 1, today was to be run 2, and Sunday I was hoping to run 5k, however long it took me. Instead, I'm stuck in hospital, while on holiday, with a massive nose bleed. Has been for the last 24 hours I suppose, and at the moment not much chance of getting out. Looks like no running for a good while. So miserable.

[posted by my son, while I dictate over the phone]

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Poor you!

Fingers crossed you will soon be back on track..You are so close...


ouch ouch ouch - was it from a fall? and on your holiday & your graduation week too.

Well don't let it put you off you've already done run1 & hopefully see how you go on run2 later today/tomorrow.... then time to get the bunting out - time to apply for the green badge when you've done run3.

Don't forget to keep your chin up (literally if your nose is still running) & happy running.


Was so looking to reading about your final W9 runs... Take it easy and don't get stressed about missing your planned graduation date, a few days (even a week or two) of rest will do wonders and you'll be amazed how your body doesn't forget how to run...

Take care. :-)


Sorry to hear that! How frustrating (and miserable) for you! Rest easy and I'm sure you will make that graduation very soon! It can be easy to think that we will lose our stamina but I think the fitness that we have built up will still stand us in good stead, even if we have to take a break sometimes!

Hope you'll be back on track soon!


Owwwww, heck, poor you! :(

Please get better soon as many of us want to see your graduation blog ;) Besides, being in hospital is NO way to spend your holiday! My ole mum used to say to me (when I had a spate of nosebleeds as a child) that it was a clear out of all my mad blood! Never too sure what she meant by that ... but will assume you must be mad too LOL :D

Cheer up, rest lots, do what the Drs say, and I'll sit here wondering if your son will read all this out to you over the phone ;)

Take care, and best wishes for a speedy recovery and resumption of your holiday! Linda x


Flippin heck this is a busy blog site at the moment - I had to go back quite a few pages to find you.

How rubbish for you - and I know - I spordiacally get dreadful problems with nosebleeds - they come from no where and stop me in my tracks. I hope you are all fixed up - don't worry about the break - I had nearly a ten day break and managed to do my final 30 mins.

Hope you get to enjoy the rest of your hols - and see you back on this site soon.

Keep well.XX


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