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Yahooo- Week 9 Run 3 done- weight off my shoulders

How pleased am I. This week 9 run 3 has been looming over my head for 10 days. I had had a couple of scrppy runs and managed to avoid/put off running for 10 days or so. So the last run felt like a biggy that I couldn't get past (aaah the pressure we put ourselves under). I decided today was the day and I was not going to fail!. Scooted around this site late last night for some inspiration and motivation and found exactly what I was looking for (thank you all of you inspired bloggers). I had my Garmin, my brand new go faster stripe trainers and a snazzy new top as well- clearly this would all help!!

Trotted out at 7 30 - lovely sunshine - but windy- I chose a fav flat run along the shoreline - it just felt glorious to be out. Did I feel confident - yes and no. I had my determined to complete head on -but also nervous that I would run out of steam. So I kicked off with a slow steady pace - why are the first 10 mins so hard??? Then at half way point looped back into a head wind - that was hard and my already slow pace got slower - but I was so busy thinking about the wind and keeping going I was not worried about time or niggly achy pains. So i just plodded on and at 20 mins I kew I would finsih and just got my head down. Relief and jubliation when Laura said i had finsihed. The weight off my shoulders - felt like I had more energy and could keep going - but I didn't:-). Slow time 4 k and my heart rate was not that high - but still completed. So in just over nine weeks I have gone from those tiny baby runs - that felt so challenging to do and there I have just done the full 30 mins..

At the start of this I wa in a pretty rubbish place, quite lacking in confidence and poor self esteem, weight going upwards. Now feeling in a great and in a positive place and weight coming down. Thank you to this site, all the bloggers for giving me this gift.

Best of luck to everyone - keep at it - it is a great feeling :-)

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well done you fantastic :-)


Well done!!!


Great blog suzy! Many congratulations on graduating, and how lovely to read about the positive impact this has had on you.

It isn't all about time/distance, although I'm guilty of always wanting to run a bit faster and/or a bit further! It's really all about how good you feel when you've achieved something more than you thought possible, when you overcome the negative voices in your head and know you've pushed yourself as hard as you could and succeeded!

Best of luck with your future runs!


Well done on graduating. What an achievement! Headwinds are a begged aren't they? Literally take your breath away.

Well done and take some time to reflect on your fabulous achievement.


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