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W2R1 - hot hot hot

Today I managed to run before lunch, but was a bit late getting out so caught the midday heat. This combined with switching up to week 2, meant that I returned looking even more of a tomato than usual! Only one female commenter while I was out today though (who was polite enough).

Even though this was the 4th time that I have done a week 2 run in all, I still get a bit confused exactly when to start and stop. At one point Laura starts speaking after a walking interval, so I instinctively sped up a bit preparing to jog, then she talks about breathing for a while before saying go, if I remember correctly. I also slowed down to a brisk walk after Laura said to slow down at the end of run 6 then she says 'go' for the start of the cool down walk a short while later. I know that this is only a matter of seconds, but I do like to be precise! (Have just realised that I now sound like a geek as well as a sweaty tomato)

Hopefully, it will feel a bit easier next time. I have to admit that I was very keen to hear the slow down instruction from run 3 onwards today! At least my running belt was feeling a bit loose, so something positive is happening, even if I do have a long way to go with my cardiovascular fitness!

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Hi there :) I'm a week behind you - I did Week 1 Run 1 today - so I shall be following your progress with interest (if you don't mind)!!! Well done on running in the sun - I ran quite early and missed the heat.

Good luck and take care :) xxx.


Well done on getting the programme underway! I am looking forward to reading your blog post and seeing how you found it in a minute! You are clearly much more organised than me with your timing and I do think that it makes a difference. I am happy to have my progress followed as it motivates me to keep going, but be warned, my progress isn't always forwards as I have already restarted once after a knee injury! All the best for your runs! This forum is amazingly supportive which is a massive help! :-)


We'll have to make a huge salad - I was a beetroot in the heat! Nice to hear you've got out again and I hope your joints held up well for you this time! I came home this morning chuffed to bits about finishing and promptly fell asleep for 2 hours. No idea why but I'm struggling to fit the running in at the mo so I certainly don't have time to waste sleeping during the day. Want to know something else I'm chuffed about? Went out for supper with some friends AND COULD NOT EAT MY LOVELY PAID FOR MEAL. TOO FULL!!!. I've never felt full in my whole life! If that carries on I will be well pleased.


Ha ha salad buddy! My knees managed to carry me round without complaint :-) . Still getting a little pain occasionally, but I am trying not to overdo it. Running makes me tired too, I definitely don't feel invigorated just yet! Great news that you are feeling a positive effect on your appetite. This is still a bit of a problem for me! You should be proud of yourself managing week 4 runs too. My husband might start week 4 tomorrow but isn't sure he wants to step.up from week 3 yet. He has repeated some runs already due to shin pain and tired legs but is keeping going!


As a beekeeper I should be glad of this warm weather for the poor bees. But I wilt in the heat so from now on it's going to have to be early morning runs. Did W5R1 this morning - and managed it fine. What a surprise - and a relief - that was!

I too am still waiting for all this energy to come into me that they all talk about. You don't think it is an urban myth do you? I hope not! Have you thought about a Low GI diet plan? They say it keeps you fuller for longer and it does do that for me. All strength to you for your next runs! Linda


I do feel I must do as Laura says, and if I miss a second or two I run for 5-10 at the end instead, though sometimes I find myself talking back to her. ;-)

It is very hot. I don't do well in hot weather. I prefer to stay indoors, never mind running. My preferred time is before dinner if possible, when it is slightly cooler. I can prep the dinner, then dash out for my run (aka slow crawl) and not feel I am depriving anyone by making them wait. Also I have less to do on return when I stagger home.

Well done for keeping going even when the going got hot! And you're obviously making progress too, with your belt getting looser. Keep up the good work!


Thanks, you too! We all try so hard to do what Laura says! The couch to 5k queen! You have got a good system by the sound of it. I like to go at 10.30 if possible so that I still have some energy from my early morning bowl of cereal, I just keep on finding things to delay me at the moment! Good luck with your next runs and I hope that it is not too hot for you too!


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