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Yes! My body is amazing (not in a I look great way)!!!

I haven't run for over a week because of half term and a virus that made getting dressed feel like challenge. But I planned to get back into it today and finish week 3, still not feeling 100% I dilly dallied about going. But after reading a few posts on here I decided to go for it, do as much as I could and not give my self a hard time if I walked some. And I made it, the whole programme, and it wasn't too bad, I really found it doable, whereas run 1 and 2 were TOUGH. I didn't expect to feel any improvement because of the gap and virus, but I now feel so pleased with my self and ready to get on with week 4!!

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Whoop! Im in absolute same position as you. I was on Week 3 run 2 and over half term (im a teacher) I got completely knocked out by a virus and cold and chest being sore etc.... Im going to go out tonight for a run but umming and ahhing about whether I should do a week 3 run or try a week 2 run to ease myself back into it.... Your experience is encouraging - I hope my body is as awesome as yours! haha

Maybe since we are in the same place we can be informal internet run buddies :)



Absolutely! You should go tonight and do whatever feels comfortable. I'm so pleased I did it, I really found it much easier than I expected. Some days it's so hard to find the motivation to go but when I get back I feel so good and buzzing to do the next run! Let me know how you get on tonight xxx


Hi again! Thanks so much for the message and motivation!!! i just got back from my run and did a week 3 run 3 and it was fine! like u - so much better than i expected!!! WOO HOO!! I'm glad my body has remembered the hard work so far!

I know exactly what you mean it's always worth it in the end.. but sometimes no matter how much you know it'll feel good when you've done it you trick yourself into thinking that no this time you really don't want to go!! hehe. most of the time I've been really motivated and can't wait to go but I think the weather being good is helping!

When is your next run scheduled?

Have a great evening! let me know how you get on :-)



I'm running next tomorrow at some point. I'm a bit nervous about starting week 4, but it's lovely and breezy here so hoping that'll help keep me cool and going.

Well done you for yesterday, it's amazing how quickly you notice progress in this programme isn't it?

Best wishes xxx


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